Wrong Rape Accusations


False allegations on rape are no myth but reality and a true statement, in the 19th century this might have been exceptionally rare but I would not argue that in the 20th century. Making one person to be wrongly accused and later on wrongly convicted can cause paramount destruction to the accused individual. A few weeks back, Whoopi Golberg confessed that she had lied about Bill Cosby drugging women to have sex with them, which led to him being accused of sexual assault charges. This proves the fact that making false allegations about rape destroys the sincerity of the actual rape victims mostly being female. The problem of false accusations is a difficult one to address; the victims of false accusations have a very negative attitude towards the feminist activists for defending their fellow women even while they were lying. Nevertheless, because cases of people being wrongly convicted of rape are rare, they are not worth being discussed and debated on.

A rather bad approach is taken when false allegations are narrated in articles, books and other works when feminists try to lessen the effect and group them as bad for the women reputation in general. The right approach is talking about these stories even more to clarify things and put them out in the open for all to see the truth.

Women are seen as vulnerable and prone to abuse of their human rights, across the world, activists fight for the girl child right almost every day. While they forget that they may be the perpetuators of false allegations. Because of their activities, any woman can make herself vulnerable in the eyes of the public intentionally. She fakes being raped knowing that all the odds are on her side and she will be easily believed by the world. Men are painted as opportunists because the male commit main rape cases and because of this, women are ready to incriminate innocent ones without thinking.

Stories of wrongly accused men go back a long time age in ancient history of the Greek. Phaedra, the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, after being rejected by the man she loved falsely accused him of raping her and caused his death. Rape brings discomfort to both the victims and the society hence many people would not want to talk about it and rather choose not to believe it. Just because the real witnesses of rape are, the supposed victim and the criminal and there is an absence of physical evidence, it does not mean that someone is being wrongly accused. The alleged rapist is innocent until proven guilty and the alleged victim also might be lying about the ordeal until he or she produces enough evidence to prove that it is the truth. On the other hand, we should not be too quick to assume that every person accused of rape is a rapist and every one making allegations of being raped are lying. As much as many wish for false rape allegations not being true, the truth is they exist. The society is confused about the attitude towards rape because no one really knows where the whole truth lies and so, each person believes what he or she only thinks is right.